“I work with people and organizations who rethink welfare.

In Denmark and internationally.”

– Thomas Hammer-Jakobsen

Empati Design

Peter and Jonas from Empati Design provides assistance for research in people’s everyday lives and the transformation of insights into digital prototypes.

Born Poets

Viktoria and Stine from Born Poets explores how processes involving people’s personal life and experiences can create sustainable change.

Musik InMente

Louise is a service designer developing a service aiming to make the very last steps towards death more meaningful for the weakest elders.

Living Labs

Copenhagen Living Lab investigates how a human centered approach to innovation can increase accuracy and value creation. There is a need for ‘and-solutions’: Higher quality and lower cost. This has led to a focus on People Value Canvas, emphatic design and transition services.

People Value Canvas

People Value Canvas and Empathic design translates insight in individuals and people’s need into navigation tools for innovation processes. Transitions services support people in life’s most difficult phases of change.

I am Director of Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster.
CHC is initiated by the City of Copenhagen and the Capital Region, in order to make the ambition of ‘health driven growth operational. From 1985 to 2006 employed in The Danish Broadcasting Corporation, and among the digital pioneers in the global media revolution.

I am trained Master in Management of Technology (MBA) and since 1997 devoted to the design of efficient innovation processes; I have headed corporate innovation units, build an innovation consultancy and led international innovation consortia’s. I’m a teacher and examiner in innovation.

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